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Wasiat Arfif Billah mengenai Shalawat kepada Nabi Muhammad Saw:

My advice to a dear friend about selawat to Rasulullah saw:

Yes is ok to selawat to Rasulullah saw, but to subordinate the Greatness of Allah to that of Rasulullah saw by heralding Rasulullah saw all the times is not what Rasulullah saw and all the other Prophets were sent to do by Allah swt.

We must all the times heralded the Greatness of Allah swt though we may love Rasulullah saw. In other words, don’t over do it with regard to heralding Rasulullah saw.

Let it known that because of heralding Rasulullah saw, many have made Rasulullah saw equal to Allah swt like Christians heralding Jesus and in the end made him God.

So beware my dear with regard to those heralding Rasulullah saw as they may be the ones subscribing to the concept that Rasulullah saw is Ahmad without “m” = Ahad. These are the peoples who greatly heralded Rasulullah saw.

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